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Keeping the above in mind it was pleasant as well as exciting (as transfer ban might be around the corner) to see five Castilla players starting for Real Madrid against Sevilla in the Super Cup final, what was more interesting was that all five of these athletes have been brought back to the club all thanks to one sweet single clause that was added to their sale contract which allowed the club to bring them back to the club, that clause is what is known as ‘buy-back clause’. Players leave their parent clubs when there is lack of first team playing time, which starts to effect their growth and for a club like Real Madrid which has a fetish for anything & everything that shines in the transfer market, youth teamers are sure to face this problem. But for some of the former Castilla products mentioned above there were some better Castilla footballers who made their place in the team their own. Such as for a Negredo or a Soldado or a Eto’o there was a Raul blocking their promotion to the first team and for a Canizares there was a Casillas, then again Raul & Casillas secured their place in the first team for more than 15 years.

For every academy player it is always about the waiting game or about securing a club where the player would get first team football. While the waiting game can be something every footballer can play with as age is on their side especially if you getting to learn from the established professionals but at the same time every footballer knows a career of professional footballer is very fragile you are never too sure about a long-term injury that might be waiting for you around the corner. Having mentioned players who have left the club, there have been players like Guti, Raul, Casillas, Butragueno, Vicente del Bosque, Manolo Sanchis, Michel who helped the club reach the stature that it enjoys today.

Having said all that, the buy back clause has been something of a relief for Real Madrid which has let them enjoy the perks of signing a galactico while always having an option of bringing back youth players who start to show great potential at a different club. Esteban Cambiasso who is considered an Inter Milan legend has to be one of the first players who was bought back to the club in 2002 after he left the Spanish club for River Plate in 1998.

The five players who started the Super Cup on Tuesday were Kiko Casilla & Lucas Vasquez brought back from Espanyol, Dani Carvajal brought back from Bayer Leverkusen, Casemiro brought back from FC Porto and Alvaro Morata most recently bought back from Juventus. In the age when Pogba’s return to Manchester United costs the club more than hundred million Euros, this buy back clause is the happy space for all clubs. At the same time I feel this buy back clause also gives the going away players a sense of security that the club does believe that the player has a future at the club.

Having said all this, genuinely hope Jese has a successful term at Paris Saint-Germain and then returns home to Santiago Bernabeu.

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