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Kobe Bryant, Fight for something you are passionate about:

For the recently retired Lakers shooting guard, the name Black
 was not a name born off the court but born and maintained on the court which he ruled for 21 long years. Kobe Bryant is a 5 time NBA champion and during his farewell game as a 38-year-old against Utah Jazz he dropped 60 points, his intensity on the court is incomparable, his desire to win can’t be competed and hkbis pursuit of remaining on top of his game are part of lessons taught to every rookie every season. His career has been nothing but a journey to achieve perfection, perfection in a sport that he loved more than anything, for him his passion was what was fueling his success.

Zinedine Zidane, There is magic in detail:

Watching Zinedine Zidane on the field was like watching a partially bald man gliding past players as if they were never zzthere. Be it any sports, I have special respect for any athlete who are sucker for basic details of their trade, Zidane was for sure on top of his trade throughout his career, he was a prototype of student for life. Seeing Zidane play was like seeing another Zidane sitting on the sideline on a tall stool in front of his white canvas with a tilted beret on his head and painting a picture with detailed strokes encapsulating the most beautiful of goals ever scored.

MS Dhoni, Trust the process:

The magic of sports lies in the emotions you feel from a win or a loss, hence you like it or not one day you will lose. For India’s most successfully captain, it wasn’t always about results it was msdwhat the team was taking home from every result. Dhoni as a leader is like a MBA 101 lesson on leadership, you might not have the best resources to work with but when you are able to find that one process which extracts the 100% from all the resources, you have basically won the battle way before you even stepped on the battleground.

Usain Bolt, There is always a story to tell:

Every race that Bolt runs can be divided into different parts of a movie, so here it goes my dissection of story that Bolt tells every time he races. First part is introduction of the character, that begins when he steps in front of thousands of fans in theub stadium along with the millions sitting in front of the television set. Second part is him standing at the starting block, where the audience gets to know what exactly does the protagonist stands for, this is where Bolt gives a peek into his character’s psych. Third part is the race where the whole master plan unravels catching us edge of the seat screaming on top of our voice, whistling, clapping & cheering him as a global citizen. Fourth part is just before the race ends where Bolt has left the world behind and has enough time to look back & wish them luck for next Olympics, there is your comic quotient in the movie. Finally as all movie with the happy ending, at the end of the race is where the revelry begins, lap of honor, selfies, posing for the photo journalists and ending with a promise to come back for the sequel. Sorry forgot, this is where you can hear ‘eye of the tiger’ playing at the back ground.

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