Volvo wishes Zlatan well

مباشر للاسهم السعودية I for one had never thought that Sweden could get a more potent goal scorer than Henrik Larsson, then steps in Zlatan Ibrahimović proving me wrong by quarter century of goals and fifteen long years of undeniable imposing presence on the field.

حقق أفكار المال When you get to be captain and score for your country. There’s nothing greater

محفضه فوركس تجريبيه Belgium defeating Sweden in the last game of Group E brought an end to the international career of one of the most uncompromising striker the world would ever see. While achieving everything as a professional footballer, Zlatan’s international trophy cabinet will always remain barren like it was in the case of Flying Welshman Ryan Giggs or going by the news it will remain in the case of  Little Genius Lionel Messi who just has a 2008 Olympic Gold medal to show in his case.

البطاقة البيضاء بالفوركس Swedish multinational automobile manufacturing company Volvo paid their respect to their brand ambassador & Swedish legend Ibrahimović by creating a perfect sendoff spot, if having Zlatan in the video isnt enough the background score is given by Academy-award winner Hans Zimmer. So sit back & enjoy:


الاسهم السعودية تداول مباشر Also I have heard Joe Hart was seen enjoying some English tea post the news of Zlatan’s retirement, thank you Stan Collymore.

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